Custom designed and printed $100 Bill Business Cards

These business cards, also known as drop cards, are designed to be folded in half to create the illusion of a genuine US $100 bill*. They are 100% legal as they are not a “reproduction” of a $100 bill in size or content. Unfolded size of card is approximately 4″ x 2 3/4″.

What a fun way to get your info to the masses. Hand your friend, family member or even a total stranger a $100 bill and they’ll likely not say “No Thanks”. Lay these $100 bills around the local mall or even lay them on the sidewalk and stand back and watch as people just can’t resist picking up these realistic C-notes. (please be responsible and DO NOT LITTER!)

Do remember to be responsible with these cards. Most likely your cards will identify YOU with YOUR name or phone number or other on them. Please resist the urge to leave one of these with your tip at the local diner. That just isn’t funny and will get you a bad reputation very quickly!

Click on the following examples to see a larger view of each.

Click here for many more examples of some actual customer card proofs.

The samples above are very low resolution images. The final product is printed from a 1200dpi uncompressed TIFF file to create a crisp and clear print in green ink on a paper which gives a very similar look to that of a genuine US $100 bill*. They are edge glued in pads of 100 for your convenience. Just peel and fold.

Please note that you are not limited to the samples shown on this page. These cards are totally customizable and examples are shown primarily to give you an idea of what can be done. While you are certainly free to choose an example type to use, please feel free to send me your own unique ideas.

I suggest that you send an SASE for a recently printed sample card before purchasing so you can be fully aware of the quality of these custom cards. Please send your SASE to the address on our contact page.

I will contact customers via email after payment is received to verify any and all information wanted on the card before creating the first proof. Please return my correspondence ASAP to expedite the order. I will prepare a low resolution jpeg “proof” for your review and consideration. I will make necessary changes to the proof until you are happy with the final results. No rude, crude, or vulgar text or clipart please. I will NOT create something that I feel is offensive. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE THAT! Thank you!

In order to keep prices down, we sometimes need to change paper type. All fiber-type paper has been discontinued. The fibers in these previous special order papers were not really noticeable from more than an arms-length distance anyway. So if you have seen these cards in the past, the newest ones ordered may not be printed on the same paper. We carefully choose a paper that will as closely allow us to replicate a true US $100 as possible. The paper is a almost always a 70# paper that is not quite as heavy as an index card (normally 90#) to allow for clean folding. Customers agree that these cards look fantastic!

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* = 1996 series bill. 2009A series not available.